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PostSubject: Rules   Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 19, 2010 9:42 pm

1. No Verbal Abuse

There will be nobody cursing out other users, or insulting them personally. Playing around is fine, but if it is taken seriously, you will be punished.

2. No Spamming

Spam will get you nowhere on this site. It is useless clutter, and if you spam, you will be off the site.

3. No Auto-Kissing

A play on the typical auto-hitting rule, you are not allowed to automatically get into anyone's pants. You need to work for it like everybody else.

4. Post Length

No one-line posts outside of the OOC sections. Your roleplaying should be thought out extremely well. You should have at least a paragraph of information when you roleplay.

5. Permission

You cannot start playing until you have a dorm, a character, and (later) a schedule. All of this will be put in the Completed Character section and approved, and then you can roleplay.

6. Double Posting
Please, do NOT double post in ANY topic. If you fogot to add something or want to expand what you just said, then please, just click edit aboce your post and add it in! If someone is double posting, they will not get into trouble, they will just be asked to fix it. If it is not fixed after a week of notice, it will be deleted.

7. Gross Misconduct

Are you a student at the school who is completely outraged by the performance of your teacher? Contact the Principal!

If you feel prejudiced against, offended by etc. (IC ONLY) by a school staff, there are a few easy steps you may fulfill to bring them to get an IC punishment.

Here are the steps:
~ Copy the link to the Rp where your character was offended
~ Send a brief pm to the principal, outlining the offence, and asking them to be seen.
~ Sit back and watch as the Staff member is called to a meeting.

*NOTE* Not all staff will receive bad punishment. Keep in mind that this is a very different school, and some of the staff may be good friends with the principal, and therefore get away with things. So don't always expect to get your teachers fired.

8. Touchy Stuff

Well. As you have probably learned, (and it is likely why some of you are here) this site is a little... different. Much of that is because it is a school where anything goes. And, as you have probably already guessed, you are indeed allowed to rp your character having sex with another character.

Now, though we do allow rp sex on this site, none of us want to come here and read vulgar things. So, we have some guidelines.

~ All you need to post is that is about to happen, and afterwards that it did happen. No details please!
~ Do not go into detail about ANY form of sex.
~ If you don't think you violate these rules, you will be watched, and restricted to posting only before and after posts.
~ If you enjoy details, keep that part in your PMs!

Now, this part deals with how to engage the thing, and with who you can or cannot go into such events with. Now, on this site, we do not allow rape, however, Sexual assault is okay.

~ Sexual acts, where clothes stay on may be engaged without consent, like touching, kissing etc.
~ After you have started a sexual act, it is up to the next person continues it or not. This is because if a gay character were to begin acts with a straight character, the straight character has a chance to say no, and escape.
~ No removing someone's clothes, unless you have agreed that the acts shall happen, like if your characters are in a relationship, and both consent.
~ Teachers and students may come on to one another.

<3~If you stick to these simple rules I will love you forever~<3
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