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PostSubject: Usgai, Ulrika Umeko.   Usgai, Ulrika Umeko. I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 23, 2010 6:01 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Ulrika Umeko Usagi
Age/Grade: 17 - 11th.
Race: Werewolf
Height: Five foot and seven inches.
Weight: 110lbs.
Appearance: Ulrika has long black hair that is normally down, and sometimes half put up. Her skin is pure, pale white. Almost that of a vampires. Her eyes are between sand onyx, and sand green. She has elven pointed ears, sometimes - at different times. People may see her with two tattoos on her. Though, they don't seem like tattoos.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Preferences: When they nip at her ear.
Likes: Music, rain, moon.
Dislikes: Those that show no respect, Howling Winds.

Back story:
History: Back before the country/nation/etc. That Miyagi Prefecture founded the city itself - people, mainly a tribe of 'Natives'. A group of people who lived together, way too close for some people who'd read about these people. The natives prayed per se to a Goddess named 'Akirlu', they said she was their protector, and that her spirit was sent down from the heavens and blessed them.

To which, to be called 'Werewolves.

How does this tie, to Ulrika Usagi? Simple, her living soul was born in this era. A child that was born, but soon died quickly after, meaning that Usagi wasn't able to die with the child. Akirlu could not take back this piece of her spirit, since they die with their tribe member. Tribe members knew that the spirit was among them, due to t heir Priest of some sort. He spoke that the Spirit was lost, and had no one to guide through life.

The tribe spoke to the spirit even though it may not be near or even around them. At one point, a tribe member found a crying baby with pale gray green hair. Eyes that were pale green and amber. Having a small red paw print on her cheek and above the small baby hip. The spirit saw too the young new found child.

It didn't seep into the soul of the child, not until it had gotten the age of thirteen. It was when the child started to understand nothing once more. The spirit itself had confused the brain in the young girls head. Due to normally when a baby - they'd come together, so they wouldn't forget or anything as such.

Tribe members, against their will and their love for the young teen. Killed her, they then burned her body.

Years later, a young child was born from a elven blooded woman, and one of the surviving Natives of the city now. The young child rejected the eleven blood that its mother had, as there was a chance it would die, just like the other child thousand of years ago had. It was then when the spirit that had been burned, found its way to the child of the pasts reincarnation.

The spirit fused together with the child's soul, in return native blood fused with native blood. And the young child survived that moment of death. Even though she has no elven blood, yet she has elven features. Pointed ears, angelic face a strong body, even though that she is 'small'.

Her father named her 'Ulrika'. Since he told his wife that she was like the Goddess of his tribe, Akirlu.

Years passed and at the age of eight, Ulrika's mother passed away from an illness that would affect most elven people in her family at a certain time. Ulrika didn't understand much about death, but her father did. He took himself and Ulrika to a part of the city where many of the surviving natives live.

There Ulrika re-lived per se most of the life that her past self went through. When she became thirteen, Ulrika was able to even 'speak' with her spirit from the Goddess. She learned that her old self had been killed and burned due to that it wasn't in time to guide her soul.

Ulrika was even able to meet her past self, it she lived long enough to see her twentieth birthday. They looked slightly alike, expect that her past self didn't have elven 'parts' to her. Ulrika was then able to transfer between herself and her past self's appearance.

This would open the book, or 'chapter' of The Wolf-Ruler of the Moons life.

Growing up Ulrika slowly started to get warmer, her speed while running got much better, and she started to hear bits and pieces of thoughts that didn't belong to hers. Her cousins, as her father told her to call them. Said it was natural, although that it didn't feel that way to her.

When Ulrika turned twenty, her body shifted into that of a wolf's. She was confused and 'ran away' from home, as she stayed that way for a full year until now. She returned to the city of the age of twenty-one. When she finally returned, that was when her father and elders explained to her what she was.

Ulrika lives with the natives in a sector of the city, as that they and she continue the tradition of their tribe alive. Ulrika founded documents that belonged to her mother, as she saw that one stated something about an Old academy that she went to years ago.

And so, Ulrika left her family to try and figure more about her mother, and hopefully the changes that she's been going through.

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PostSubject: Re: Usgai, Ulrika Umeko.   Usgai, Ulrika Umeko. I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 23, 2010 9:16 pm

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Usgai, Ulrika Umeko.
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