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PostSubject: Rodrick Raion   Rodrick Raion I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 31, 2010 1:41 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Rodrick Raion
Age: 38 (Appears more like late 20s)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195
((Its REALLY hard to get good pictures of this specific character so forgive me for the akward back and side and small face pics XD ))

Race: Shape-Shifter (Were-Beast)
Lion Form:
Were-Beast Form:
Employment Qualities:
Regularity: A full time teacher whos around at all times usually.
Position(s): History and English Teacher
Professionalism: Rodrick acts professional when teaching but he can find room to be joking and playful with his students. He never crosses the line and hes usually very consistant in keeping his students grades up. Usually. But sometimes his relationships with the students make him careless on the job due to the fact that hes very friendly towards everyone. He's also the father of Kisala Raion and thus also Trever's kindaish step dad, though its made obvious by Trever that he looks to the man with no greater respect than a teacher or yet some other man.


Sexuality: He's Straight and he's not usually that open about sex in general. He doesnt like to have anything to do with it really, though he is very experienced from back in his day. Preferences: It doesnt take a lot to turn him on but the problem is getting him to openly show it.
Likes: Music, Teaching, his students, his daughter, animals, candles, non contact and sufisticated sports (not excluding sword play though), Reading, going out for a stroll at night, girls with long dark hair.
Dislikes: Shadows, Full moons, bullys, any obstructions in the learning process, porn, artificial lights, television

Back Story:
Rodrick attended Nexus years ago and to say the least, he was the Trever Valens of back in the day. A pimp, a player, a jock, all the babes wanted him, he got smashed at partys. But all of that changed when he knocked up Kisa's mother. And he knew he had changed for the better, even if their relationship didnt last. It seemed the second they were out of school she ran off with some other guy and abandoned him and their baby. At the time it didnt matter much to him actually. He just focused on his studies and of course helped and watched his daughter grow every step of the way. Years later, after getting news that Kisa's mother and mate had died, Rodrick took in Trever, knowing he was suffering through a lot. Trever didnt exactly seem to care for his help but Trever was just emotionless back then. Now he shows a little more gratitude but not much. Now Rod basically just lives at the school, not really doing much besides teaching. But unfortunately he isnt normal, as he wished he was. being a were beast, he must worry about his 'time of the month' just as a werewolf or any similar creature would. But over the years hes learned to control this form, even during the full moon. And even if he gets angry and phases, hes still capable of clear thought and will most likely not hurt anyone. If it happens in class, chances are he can even still continue the lesson....though he would like to first put on pants.
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PostSubject: Re: Rodrick Raion   Rodrick Raion I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 31, 2010 3:29 am

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Rodrick Raion
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