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PostSubject: Ezra Vadum   Ezra Vadum I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 13, 2010 10:36 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Ezra Vadum
Age/Grade: 18/Senior
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 310lbs
White hair and Dark Blue eyes.


Sexuality: Heterosexual but doesn't usually have females on his mind. Finds them to be weak and only good for one thing.
Preferences: Big breasts, pretty face, Dark Hair
Likes: Fighting, A challenge, becoming the strongest, hand to hand fighting
Dislikes: Large crowds, enclosed spaces, weaklings,

Back story:

Origin of a Lost Race
100,000 thousand years before the human race was in it's infancy there was an almost perfect race of beings that ruled over the worlds and dimensions with technology of power beyond any comprehension of any currently living thing in existence. Their name and legacy was lost with them as they mysteriously were wiped from existence. Some believed it was hubris that doomed them but answer doesn't matter for what has been done. Rumors say that they were warriors that weapons wielded unfathomable power with their technology. Conquering one world after another with little to no resistance, even to the point the infants of their race would be sent to distant cities and in time of 7 years be said to take over the city completely paving the path of the race's empire to control territory. This race doesn't have a name but has a title and they are "THE LOST"

Origin of a Lost boy

Rtas Vadum a mine worker of Namibia, Africa found a infant alone at the deepest part of the mine thinking it was a hallucination of breath in the fumes of the mines but it took hours before Rtas realized it wasn't a hallucination. Even with a mask Rtas can't stay in the mine for more than 5 hours at a time but there was no telling how long the baby was there. This fair skin child was taken in to the African home to a loving family. Ezra was the name given to the kid named after Rtas' grandfather, a great warrior that given his life save the village from invading bandits. Ezra was born into poverty but never thought spitefully of it. In Africa all young boys of 7 years old must go through a rite of passage, He must be sent to the middle of the jungle and find his own way back. Those who return to the village are considered men. During his quest back home became lost for years in the jungle as being hunted by lions, other carnivores and bandits. In the Jungle he earned a name for himself "Predator". Mostly being unseen taking out injustices in such a brutal manner of even. The more battles and brushes with death Ezra discovered that he would become significantly stronger no matter what. It was his ability, the ability of the lost , and how they became such a powerful people.

One day Ezra was found by recruiters of Nexus Academy in the middle of a ruined city considerably wounded from battle. There was much resistance but Ezra reluctantly joins up with the academy. Still in hopes in finding his family, even if they are still in that village.
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PostSubject: Re: Ezra Vadum   Ezra Vadum I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 13, 2010 10:58 am


Welcome to Nexus academy.
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Ezra Vadum
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