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PostSubject: Lexi! <3 W.I.P.   Lexi! <3 W.I.P. I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 20, 2010 1:57 am

Vital Statistics

Name: Alexa (But she goes by Lexi)

Age/Grade: 15 years young & a sophomore

Race: Neko-Vampire Mixed Breed

Gender: Female

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 98 lbs

Appearance: Lexi has dirty blonde “scene” hair that falls to about the bottom of her rib cage. She likes to try new things and likes some change, so her hair changes very often. Sometimes she will clip in brightly colored extensions if she hasn’t already woken up to late to put them in.Her eyes change color based on her mood, which is the only thing she is insecure about instantly sharing, so until she knows someone well enough, she will normally wear colored contacts around them. Lexi has an hourglass figure, and is very curvy. Shes not afraid to show it off so she wears alot of risky clothing and LOVES any chance to wear a bathing suit. She's bursting with confidence.

Two of the most common ways she wears her hair:


Sexuality: Straight and very open about it. She has a couple curious moments, but doesn’t everyone? If she begins to know someone well enough, she may act in more of a shy sexual manner. She’s more used to hanging out with guys, and has adjusted to editing everything she says to keep it from being an awkward “That’s what she said…” moment. Has had sexual experiences, but hasn’t yet gone to the point of losing her virginity.

Preferences: Lexi has a strange obsession with the combo of black hair & blue or green eyes. She falls under some kind of trance when she actually sees someone with the unique mixture and doesn’t really know why. She’s always loved it and it’s something her friends think is sorta weird.

Likes: Guys, the beach, surfing, the arts (dance of all sorts, drawing, ect.), music is a major part of her life. She is rarely found without her iPod. Also, oddly enough, she likes cheerleading, though she is probably the most unexpected cheerleader on the team.

Dislikes: Preps, spoiled kids, snobs, drama, the colors red and pink, (I'll add more soon!)

Back story
History: (What is your character's life story up to this moment?)
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Lexi! <3 W.I.P.
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